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Andrew Kear Harrod

Andrew Kear Harrod is an experienced British composer whose music is published by Master Music Publications.

Harrod has worked on numerous projects with musicians including John Cage, Miriam Makeba and Chaz Jankel.


Born into a large musical family in North London in 1956 I have always been surrounded by music. My curiosity for music has steadily grown and become an enduring passion and the subject of endless study and appreciation for all types of music. My career path was shaped by this familiarity and fascination and so far has taken me on a long, enjoyable and very successful journey as a full time Musician, Music Educator and Composer.



Eight Pieces - Solo Piano by Andrew Kear Harrod

Introductory notes to all the pieces identifying the source of inspiration for
the work provide helpful pointers for the performer… [Harrod] uses a contemporary, accessible harmonic language… The overall collection is easy to digest

– Michael MacMillan, Pianist Magazine

Eight Pieces – Solo Piano, by composer and educator Andrew Kear Harrod, features a collection of accessible works for students of all ages. Harrod’s compositions are designed to be fun, playable and educational and suitable for the intermediate pianist. Through multiple approaches and processes of composition, the pieces represent different ways to create styles, techniques, textures, and moods to enhance the pianist’s musical appreciation, challenge technique and develop musical skills. Harrod’s inspiration for composition has increasingly stemmed from an array of sources, however unexpected, and has often been sparked by a wide variety of many different stimuli. The pieces in this book, under titles such as Inner Sense, Air, Sirocco and others, are inspired by stories, places and faces from the last decade. It is hoped that these eight original pieces will become a mainstay in the future pianist’s repertoire.

Leeds Cathedral 

26th June 2021

Performed by Organist David Pipe

Music Educator

I started full time Music teaching in 1980 and have successfully taught children and young people of all ages and abilities. In addition, as a Director of Music from 1986 I have led and managed large departments in various schools and colleges across London until 2018.

That range of experience and responsibility has always placed me on the frontline of English Music Education and reflected my belief in the importance of, personal musical development, further education, training, and regular study.

I currently teach Piano, Composition and Theory in one-to-one settings and specialise in welcoming new students of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and abilities.

If you are interested in personal tuition, please get in touch to discuss your musical needs and we can discuss a starting point and design the best way forward. I have all the necessary up to date DBS clearance.

Andrew Kear Harrod

PGCE (Music Specialist)

BA Hons, MA (Music Education)